This is really dream come true for a long-lost -never-to- be-back- never-ever kid in you. I first saw it at BoingBoiing. There is varriaty of gizmos to choose from... Locomotives, walkers, crabs, centipedes, rowboats etc. I find the stuff really interesting to say the least. Seems to be straight out of a page from Steampunk genre of science fiction (Hint: City of lost Children) On face value one would think that the avenue for exploring Steampunk in real life would be limited. It seems not. Lets just say that these people have not really run out of steam in their head. My personal favorite is...

Also don't forget to check out movie clips of theese funny texas "walkers". Locomotive, Tenk, Centiped, Rowboat, Crabs, Other... My personal favorite is the steam Mr.Crabs. Hope they make steam Sponge Bob also! You can check out the official site here.

Top 10 weirdest USB devices ever


Month ago i submitted an article called "Top Weirdest USB Drives..ever!", well seems I was wrong... the list grows, and here is another post where you can check additional 10 weirdest usb drives. They make ULITIMATE TOP TEN WEIRDEST USB'S EVER list for this month, hehe... Check whole article for more pictures and definitions!

The egg-shaped USB ashtray can cut down smoke and odors via nicotine; it also monitors one's smoking habit and predicts when he/she will die of lung cancer. Sound's usefull ! (?)

10. George Foreman USB iGrill

George Foreman USB iGrill

Did you know that the former boxer and twice Heavyweight Champion of the world George Foreman were into USB devices? Well, neither did I. But for $99.99 you can get your own USB powered grill standing next to your computer. For whom is this product meant to be? The boxing interested chef who also is a computer geek? I mean why make an item like this USB powered? To get some extra press by appearing on lists like this one? You tell me. Weird is the word.

George Foreman USB iGrill []

9. USB Air darts
USB Air darts
This product was on and off the list a couple of times, but I finally decided to let it be within the final 10. This is actually a quite cool product, and the basic idea is that you aim the darts with your mouse and fire them off with the mouse button. They are currently sold out at Marks & Spencer though…
USB air darts [Engadget]

8. The USB ghost radar

I wish I could have been in that brainstorming meeting where the idea of producing an USB ghost radar came up. Ok - someone can always come up with a really crazy idea - but it’s not that often when a quite unusual idea like the USB ghost radar actually hits the production line…I mean, is it often you want to scan the area around your computer for paranormal activity? Hehe.

USB Ghost radar []

7. USB heated slippers

USB heated slippers
Do you have cold feet? Do you want to tie yourself up to your laptop with a 2 metre long USB cable? Then this is the perfect product for you. USB heated slippers. Can you say awesome?
USB heated slippers [] - Japanese
USB slippers []

6. USB massage ballThe eye massager

- Ey, cool mouse you got, is it any good?
- It’s not a mouse stupid, it’s my massage ball!.
Ouch, perfect soothe your tense muscles with this really usable massage ball. Good vibrations.

USB Massager Ball []

5. USB self destruction button

USB self destruction button Why on earth would you want a USB powered self destruction button? You can read that it can be used to block access to certain applications. Ok. That’s really neat. This one is so weird that I don’t even know how it’s supposed to be used. It’s definitely worth a place on this list. Update! I’ve got a few mails saying that that this might not be a USB device after all. Stay tuned.

Product page in Japanese… []

4. USB Flower pot speaker
USB Flower pot speaker
Take a look at this nice little flower. Wouldn’t it be funny to have one of those plugged into your computer? It’s actually a speaker, and it comes from the same manufacturer as the USB heating gloves and the heated slippers…The guys over at sure has an eye for usable USB devices. Hehe. It’s so totally crazy that it becomes awesome.
Flower pot speaker [] - Japanese
Thanko USB Flower Pot Speaker [I4U]

3. USB heating gloves

USB heating gloves
Do you often feel the need to heat up your hands while sitting in front of your computer? Wow. This is a VERY useful product. Hehe. Especially since the USB cable is 1.5 metres long. I guess there can be a lot of Kodak golden moments when people forget they are wearing their ‘heating gloves’ and gets up in a hurry to answer the phone or open the door - and crashing their laptop to the ground. Don’t forget to wear these gloves together with the heated slippers…

USB Heating Gloves []

2. The eye massager

The eye massager
Ok, let’s read that again, but take a look at the picture to the right first. Eye massager. Is that red hand supposed to be an eye massager? I mean, doesn’t it look like something that might get you blind? I don’t want this one anywhere near my eyes. Phew. “Hey dude, come over here - I’m gonna massage your eyes with THIS!”
USB Eye Massager [Engadget]

1. The USB vibrator

Super 10 function USB powered vibrator
This isn’t just a USB vibrator. This one includes 5 interchangable latex probes (wow!), has 10 unique preset pulse/vibrate rhythms (yihah!), and features a self adjustable finger ring vibrating bullet (amazing!). Here’s our winner ladies and gentlemen - the Super 10 function USB powered vibrator. Crazy shit.

Super 10 function USB Vibrator [

More to be found here.

Internet mapping project


What if I told you that the image you see left to this article is Internet itself? Each colour on this map represents a region; North America, blue; Europe/Middle East/Central Asia/Africa, green; Latin America, yellow; Asia Pacific, red; Unknown, white. Still not amazed? Ohh, be shure to get this video of internet zooming details Google Earth style! This is what Opte Project dork'a'dee'does. The goal of this project is to use a single computer and single Internet connection to map the location of every single class C network on the Internet... It is obvious that the Internet is not routed as a bunch of class-c networks, but it is easy to see that by treating the Internet IP space as a bunch of class C networks, it will be possible to make a detailed map of the entire Internet.

The global Internet address space currently offers 32 bits worth of unique host addresses, or a theoretical maximum of 2^32=4,294,967,296 hosts. Read what people at said:

"After some testing and beta code I proved that with enough bandwidth it is possible to scan the entier Internet with a single computer. The 1/5th of the Internet map only took about 2 hours to create, yet it generated nearly 200k/sec of traffic and put my machine at a load of 60+ while scanning. If you apply the math, the entire internet would take about 10 hours to scan and another hour or two for the visual map output."

Some more pictures of Internet through time.

Develop your Artificial Life...


Ok, this one is great, but it will take you few minutes to figure out what the hell I'm talking about! Before you start reading about game of life inform yourself a little about the whole deal here, here or there. The Game of Life is not your typical computer game. It is a 'cellular automation', and was invented by Cambridge mathematician John Conway. This game became widely known when it was mentioned in an article published by Scientific American in 1970. It consists of a collection of cells which, based on a few mathematical rules, can live, die or multiply... Depending on the initial conditions, the cells form various patterns throughout the course of the game. More information is available in the Game of Life entry on Wikipedia. You can also check out this collection of the greatest patterns ever created in Conway's Game of Life. Finally play the game yourself and build your advanced civilization. There is also 3D version available. Glife is another alternative to game of life.

Worlds smallest website...


In addition to this month's article about Monumental Internet Projects, here's an update on that particullar topic. Well... sort of. The opposite, worlds smallest website was presented to the wider public recently and I had premium opportunity to visit it, hehe. Anyway, as much as... it can't be browsed or visited in convenient way it can be refreshing idea, but you'll get bored quickly.

You can visit world's smallest website, and crawl through it with your mouse pointer (if you have pretty accurate one). What made me laugh is an option to play Pacman or Pong in a half centimeter field box. Check it out! When you're bored with it (aprox. 2 seconds) improve to higher level visiting world largest sites ;)

Bring the Popcorn, It's time for ASCII Animations


The first time I was introduced to ASCII images was probably through warez .NFO files. Then, a year ago someone sent me this ASCII Animation of Star Wars Movie. It was amazing! The whole movie was made from ascii code images. Really impressing, imagine the effort this guy has put into it. Also don't forget to check here for shit load of ASCII movie clips.

Acctually there are people in this project who reincode the whole DVD movies into ascii animations. I don't know what evil force drives them to do such unexplained actions, but you can see the process result here. Download Full ASCII Matrix by http or torrent.

Hope you noticed I post updates at least once a day, and invest much effort in finding interesting stuff to provid you with andI will keep doing so, offcourse! If you want to support my work, just visit my web page here and then or post comments. I would also appreciate if you linked to me or reccomend my link to whoever you think my find it usefull. You can bookmark my site also, simpy by pressing CTRL+D. Enough with the borring stuff... ;)

Found some nice abandonware download sites (Abandonware is computer software which is no longer being sold or supported by its copyright holder and can be considered legal) where you can get all those computer games you played as a kid. It brought back few memories... Remeber Monkey Island, Day Of Tentacles, Sam 'n Max, Full Throttle? Well you can get them here. Be shure first to install ScummVM emulator to be able to play those on your machine... (unless offcourse, you are still in posession of a PC286 :) For other old timer games check: Abandonia and The Underdogs. You can also play some other arcade games like Super Mario at ArcadeRush. Really neat website! Ohh yes, not to forget, I also uploaded some stuff for you... Digger, an addictive game simmilar to pacman where you collect diamonds while few spiders chase you arround. The other upload I provided is pretty cool IQ test. Try it and comment your results here :)

The Wonderfull World of Communication


Today's topic is about online communication. I found some stuff that might help you... There's much of a chance you are already using ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messnger, AIM or mIRC... but if you want to use more then one, I'd suggest you to get this instant messaging consolidation program called Trillian. Trillian is a messanger in which you can add contacts from all other before mentioned chatting programs. You can download it from here. If you are more into sending SMS to mobile phones, you can take advantage of services that provide sending SMS from internet for free. Few of them are: SMSZone,, First one gives you chance to earn free credits, second one has daily limit, third one ...don't know.. I never understood cirillic. I used while ago, as it gave me best results, but I'm not shure how it is nowdays. You can always search google for more FREE SMS. There are other programs that allow you to call somebody from PC to PC, and talk. Most of them even allow you to call someone from PC to their phone, but this functions in general isn't free. Best of this kind is Skype. But if you look a bit harder you may even find programs that allow you to call PC to Phone free of charge. They are rare, but they exist. One of them is VoipStunt, which I already reviewed a month ago in one of my articles... Ohh, and if you haven't open your 2 GB Gmail account by now, drop me an email at and I'll send you an invitation.

Update: Apparently the russian website has "english" buton in the upper corner, so you can translate it now. The other SMS sender you should check is; you should register email account, and receive daily limit of 15 SMS messages aside. The catch is, it's on croatian, so don't know if you'll manage arround...

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