Not much of an update, but just to point how Internet can be strong tool on finding dirty stuff on people. I'm shure you recognized the prick on the picture (its real stuff not photoshop edit!), but if you know nothing about the world you live in, check here to find details :)

Origin of Original Smiley :-) ...


Update: I got response that apprently there were emoticons already in 70's done on PLATO. More info: here (but the post still applies since it talks about originall smiley ":-)"

The smiley :-) and its many variants are an important (and fun!) part of the worldwide online social culture -- allowing emotions to be conveyed in plain text. It has been in widespread use since the early '80s, when it was first proposed. Yet the original message in which the smiley was invented had been lost -- until recently. After a significant effort to locate it, on September 10, 2002 the original post made by Scott Fahlman on CMU CS general bboard was retrieved from an October 1982 backup tape. Visit Scott's page about his Smiley Invention here. You can also browse to see the post in context: the "joke" thread on the bboard that led to the invention of the smiley. For even more context you can view the full contents of the bboard from the October 1982 spice vax backup tape. Here is Scott's original post:

19-Sep-82 11:44    Scott E  Fahlman             :-)
From: Scott E Fahlman

I propose that the following character sequence
for joke markers: :-)
Read it sideways. Actually, it is probably more
economical to mark things that are NOT jokes,
given current trends. For this, use :-(

Sound Of Big Bang


Get a glimpse of what The Big Bang acctually sounded. An article I posted few years ago at ScienceBox, gives you a direct link to a .wav file. It was not much of a bang, but more something like a deep hum acctually. Check out the article and listen to the birth of our Universe...!

Talking with A.I.


Am not shure if you heard for "bots", online chat partners trying to act as artificial intelligence and some of them even passing Touring test. If not, find more about them here. Few years ago I was interested in this thematic, and was searching for all kind of bots..ICQ, HTML, MSN... but at the end, most of the time I spent with one called ALICE. It was most famous BOT at the time, and as I saw today, its still one of leading online bots with huge knowledge databse, growing and learning daily! Here's a list1 & list2 of just a few online BOTS...so you can play with them when you are bored. Also you can add Encarta bot (add encarta@conversagent.com) to your MSN to get answers for almost every possible question. You can also create your own BOTS, or add exisiting one to your webpage.

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