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Relaxing my brain today while surfing I stumbled upon pretty refreshing web page... You guessed wrongly, its bout all kinds of literature... so i posted one essay about IQ I wrote, and another SF that was just my trip to story writing... you can find them there so check them out if you will, anyway here you go... www.literaturespot.com (they are only starting out, but feel free to add your creations) Ohh,they also have category named 'erotic literature' so make sure you check that out when they have grown a bit :)

A news update on mdh, Alex Tew's hompage where he managed to earn million dollars just by selling pixels; apparently just as he sold all of his pixels, and auctioned succesfully last 1000 pixels on ebay for 38,000$, Alex received a blackmail letter from hackers demanding him to pay them 50,000$ or they will take his website down. Offcourse, little prick didn't paaay the moneee' and his webpage was taken down by DDos attack , method of flooding your webpage traffic. Here's what Alex wrote on his Blog...

Boosting Traffic...


In addition to this month articles about making money with your website or bloog, here's a little article of must do's just to get started and get some daily hits.

-First and most important rule is don't start a webpage unless you have an idea what to write about. If you do have an interesting idea then do it, and do it with passion. Writing forced stuff about mesothelioma, breast cancer etc. ...common' !! you won't get no one to read about that and mostly because you don't know shit about stuff your website is all about.

-After you decide your idea is worth giving a shot, start posting some material and what is most important refresh it often! ...especially
in first few weeks it has gone online. If your doin' a blog you best shot i think is here at blogger since it will give you opportunity to join AdSense and put your their adds on your free site. What is important blogger supports RSS feed. There's a big chance you know nothing about RSS, so read here first.

-Now that you built your webpage start builiding some content for few days first, rememeber if you publish it just now, chances that someone sees it and bookmarks it are equal to zero since it has nothing worth of material that will stuck into potentiall visitors eye ;)

-Ok now that you published all the material, got approved by Adsense, YahooAds or chikita, now place your adds online. remember that different add colors or areal placements can quadruple your earnings!! in my opinnion best placement is somwhere on top, and with blending colors. Ohh yeah, and simple 4 link add units (like those black ones i have) will get you best results I gurantee!

-Now the important part...Getting traffic. First rule aplyes, after all visible and animated tyhings you do, the text content of your site is that what interests users (unless you are doing some media projects). If you have super/shiny/cool web page it wont get visited another time if there isn't some readable/quality material available. So take your time, write what really interests you or fascanatees you and you wanna share it with others, it will interest them too! It will be worth it... turst me. OK think we are now ready to get traffic. This is most important, and most hardest step:

-Submitt your project to Technorati
-Get your RSS feed and allow newsreaders rotate your articles. If your using blogger, you can find your feed link under settings, it shoul look like your url/atom.xhtm (This for is example how mine looks like: RSS). Now subscribe to your feed using Google Homepage.
-Submitt your domain to all various search browsers like Google Submit Site, Yahoo Submit Site, AOL etc.
-If your product is something like blog (remeber it counts as one only if you write things from your own perspective not copy paste articles from arround the web!!) then you should browse for "submit blog" and start submitting your url.
-Join BlogMad (in beta testing phase) and get your content rated

-Linking - Remeber best results you'll get is with one way linking for example: well visited sites having your url redirecting users to your site (honestly, people are lazy wrting and remebereing urls and typing them into browser.. in most cases they rather clik on a link..its easier). The alternative is 2 way linking or link exchange where you exchange link with page of simmilar content or interest and you put a link for that page on your visible spot on your site, and the other admin does the same. Remeber, this kind of traffic boosting is not as productive as one-way-linking where you dont have to put anyones link on your page.

-One of the best solutions for one way linking, assuming you've wrote quality material is submitting YOUR articles to article directories. Ohh yeah, don't forget to include your originall url in a post scriptum or people won't know where to go ;)

-For now that should cover it, but remeber best thing you can do to lure readers, is to create somewhat of a controversy about your web, or for example strat a discussion with links to your content on some well visited forums, newsgroups etc... that will boost your traffic sky-rocket-high!

-Ohh yea, another thing...it's great to have your site stats somwhere so I reccomand you try with MapStats since it will give you detailed info where your readers came from, originating location or link they followed. The only trick is weather your content will be approved with them...mine wasn't, but give it a try either way!

You are welcome to write comments and opinnions about this theme, since I'll give you more tips and continue wrting on this topic as thought float in ;) I'm always in a great mood for learning more schemes for boosintg my traffic and giving you advices how to do the same for yourself!!! And if you know of some decent traffic stats webpage that i could use with my blog (so that i know from where my visitors are comming from, what are they clicking etc..), feel free to reccomand it to me since i dont have any at this moment.

My mind is going.....logging of...


All in His Life For Sale :)


All My Life For Sale, is a project I found pretty Interesting browsing the net. It's supposed to explore how identity is shaped by every object that one person owns. You can check how each thing is described and then sold in an on-line auction. By telling the story of an item and selling it to the highest bidder, its true emotional and financial value is discovered. Will changing what you have, change who you become? Does having less stuff make you less of a person?

Sell Your Videos...khmm...Not those


As my mission to keep you informed about possibilities how to earn your pocket money just by beeing online here are some featured news: ...perhaps I become borring with all that Google stuff in recent articles, but new feature this internet giant provided, called Google Video is gonna become hugeee I tell you. Google Video is service simmilar to iTunes where you can browse, download, buy and even sell video material. For now there are some sitcoms, NBA games, Startrek episodes... which can be purchased for about 2 $ per episode, but there are also some full length featured movies. Well to be senceere I browsed just for few mintues, but have to say I saw no blockbusters... It could be 'cause of all that movie industrie broadcasting privilegies, but we'll see this database grow tremendously... Another thing that made me think is the option to upload and sell your videos... for example if this service is in beta right now, It means there isn't much material online, how about if I shot some dumm clips of a few seconds each, upload them, and make few dollar price for them? What are the chances they'll be purchased since now they could easily be spotted among not too much other onlince clips... well I don't know, but have to say its nice to have opportunities to earn some pocketmoney with Google products such as Google Video or Adsense...



As you may noticed the site has gone through some major redesign, and I'm still in process of adding nifty little details... keep visiting and you'll see some minor changes, offcourse they wont get in your way of reading whats important... I'll also put some new articles that will help you reach worthyest of Internet as It is.... Sorry for minor writing bugs but its getting late here, and University exams won't pass themselves you know ;)

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