Smelltones here we come...


Forget ringtones and simmilar kiddie's a real thing! Smell tones made by Japaneese are new thrend among I-have-to-have-it-all teen generation...or not in my case..ever! Imagine you worked in a sewer company...and your boss rings you ... hehe. Check for more here.

This product really stunned my ass... Phillips announced new Interactive table. Its mostly for games now as I understood, but think of the possibilities having your table cleen of leptop, wires, mouse etc. Just browsing on a big table screen, drawing, doing your work, even writing with special pen could be cool.... It's called "The Entertaible" and it is based around a 76cm LCD touch screen that acts as an interactive play surface. The screen can display game boards or maps and can interact with objects, such as pawns or figures, put on it. Philips said the Entertaible could be a universal board for family games or find uses in casinos and restaurants.

Can you name the 7 Wonders of the World? Chances are no, given that the Egyptians pyramids are the only one still standing. The original Seven Wonders were selected by Philon of Byzantium in 200 BC. as a travel guide for Athenian explorers.

Now the world is calling You! Vote for new 7 Wonders that are monument achivments by "modern" man. The new list contains 21 structures submitted by people arround the world. Vote here!

My Yahoo or Google Homepage...


Did you know that Yahoo offered My Yahoo service under Yahoo domains, which offers interesting way of editing your own homepage on their service which enables you every time you open your browser to have listed links you like visiting the most, wheather forecast for choosen city, your blogs, notes, RSS feed, domain search... you edit the colors, you arrange design ..... well what i found out that google offered the same product under the name google homepage So check both of them and see if you like any... although sounds interesting, I'll skip this round...

Google Adsense Community...


I think we are still not aware what kind of Communty Google Adsense Earners have produced! Today I was browsing some webpages on that topic and really become amazed what resurces i found... For beginning be shure to check Best AdSense Resources of 2005 as it may give you glimpse what fields are entered in a pool. Another thing that amazed me was christmas gift from Google... unfortunately i didn't get one, but found out that if you are earning more than average amount you will get something like this. On ther other hand there are many articles but one that stuck in my eye was AskTheBuilder who wrote how he topped his month earnings from 10,000 $ to 30,000$ just by experimenting wih google Channels, service found in Google Adsense. Apparently, best resaults are google link units placed above left on your webpage, combined with matched colors to your webpage.



I'm not a big favorit of Addons like Wallpapers, Windows Themes or simmilar, but here's a product that has blown my mind when I first was introduced to it backthen on my trip to USA. While training in West Virginia, we had Mac computers at our use which used OS X and one of the nifty gadgtes it had installed was Widgets. Till recently widgets weren't possible for us Windows users, but now there's a program called Konfabulator which allows you to run all those nifty usefull addons for your desktop. You can check the picture in this blog, and see how practical it can be to have real-time wheather report on your desktop...what is great it looks cool!

Since I bought new laptop few months ago now I also have Battery Icon added with Konfabulator in the bottom of my screen.

There are many more addons like: live Stock Market stats, iPOD player, Stickie Papers, Warewulf Monitor, Digital Clock, Analog Clock, WiFi Signal... All theese addons are posible with Konfabulator which you can download from here.

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