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Cool..apparently scientists already started making robocop explorers and warriors... or maybe little voayeurs aside!!

"A Japanese experiment to control cockroaches with micro-robotics is being stuffed up by wireless spammers. The Robo-roach experiment is designed by Tokyo University to control the bugs so that they search through rubble or carry out spywork.The whole thing is controlled by mini-mobile phone which makes it easy for spammers to target. According to Assistant Professor Isao Shimoyama last week a cockroach was sent to test for an air leak."We asked the roach to turn right, it responded by asking for our email addresses and offered to send us Viagra in return." he said. Sounds like the cockroach is getting the hang of interacting with humans. "




You're probably asking yourself what does this picture got to do with this article? Nothing, was just something i got as a result searching "goolge images" for word "weird" :). Anywayz.. was just surfing Wikipedia the other day... well perhaps you already know, its internet enciyclopedia project that is managed by millions of users arround the world who write end edit definitions and articles....well i just noticed the feature i didn't see before.. Under Wikipedia sister projects there are some links that can be pretty nice to check out, some of them are:

Wiktionary Dictionary and thesaurus
Wikibooks Free textbooks and manuals
Wikiquote Collection of quotations
Wikisource The free library
Wikispecies Directory of species
Wikinews Free content news source
Commons Shared media repository
Meta-Wiki Wikimedia project coordination

152, 000 $ for 1000 pixels !!!


Remember of this little prick? Think harder... Yeah thats the owner of Milliondollar Homepage, and apparently it isn't enough to get 1000 $ for 1000 pixels to him.. what sounds obscure as it is, but he added his last thousand pixels on ebay and current bid is at 152, 000 $ !!! F*ck, thats 150, 000 $ for something virtual... Off course im being jellous, but you have to admit... is he a buissnesman or what! Check here!

iPod for free..well allmost


If you're one of those 90's CD collectors, and you want to update your technology, you're in luck. Millennium Music is offering to give you an iPod if you give them your old music CDs. All you have to do is ship them your CDs, and they will value them based on physical condition. The conversions of CDs to iPod is here:

45 CDs = 512 MB iPod Shuffle
65 CDs = 1 GB iPod Shuffle
85 CDs = 2 GB iPod Nano
110 CDs = 4 GB Nano
130 CDs = 30 GB iPod
175 CDs = 60 GB iPod

If you don't have that many CDs, you can use their Trade Calculator to pay the difference. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Top Weirdest USB Drives..ever!


It doesn't get any weirder than this...Im without speech.... More pictures inside !

In my opinnion Barbie is the absolute winner!
Rip the head of the cute Barbie doll, and plug it into your PC. This is as weird as it gets this time! Enjoy!

gDrive: Store Larger Files than 10Mb in gMail


Will google take on the world?! Don't know, but i would really like to own some of its shares on Stock Market..hmm that will be new thing on my To Do List...but that's for another blog...Now that gMail has gone up to 2Gb I'm going to use it more to store files. I found gDrive this morning which allows you to store files of any size in your gMail account, and gets around gMail's 10Mb cap per attachment. Check it here. Imagine having your files available everywhere and every time. There are some strong speculations Google is developing their own official gdrive as we speek. So don't forget this proggie isn't comming from google..



Here's some of the must have bookmarks for every user:

VcdQuality - Check new divx/vcd/svcd/dvd releases with nfo and jpg sample
Torrentspy - Torrent search directory..the best one in my opinnion
iPod Tropolis - Torrents for video iPOD
Lando Stinking Hole - South Park Ep's download (Real Media format)
Internet Movie Database
- Movie reviews, actors...biggest database on the net
Divx Subtitles - ExYU Only

Web Earning:

Storm Clix - No scam, really pays for clickin'... i got paid & will keep you informed
12 Daily Pro - Another paying autosurf program!
*requires invest of min 6 $*
Dadndave's - Didn't cash out yet, but good recommendations for this one
Aussieearners - Paying Autosurf *requires invest of min 10 $*

SportingBet HR - Secure betting web page
Live Score - Check soccer results in real time

Million Dollars Reached !


Remember that Million Dollar Homepage I was telling you about in a few prevoius blogs? Well, what it seems is that Alex has finally reached his Million Dollars barrier he was so focused on. Well 999,000 $ to be exact; another brilliant idea of Alex is to give last 1,000 $ of pixels to a highest bidder, what you can also check here on eBay! Hurry up!! ..since it lasts only untill 9th of January... beleive me his site hits just get higher and higher...it would be well invested money!

Edit 5 P.M. ... last 1,000 pixel space is currently bidded at 13,000 $..man! 13x the value :)

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