Hitchhiker's guide adventure game... Now with graphics!

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There was a time when computer games didn't have graphics. Or at least they couldn't have graphics and sound at the same time. How can this be, you ask? Well believe it or not, adventure games were really popular back then, Hitchhiker's Guide being top selling game among them. It was all about text and keyboard commands, either way gamers still managed to find it breath-taking and played it for hours. You couldn’t even save your position, so when you restarted your computer; you had to go all over from the beginning. Well, some enthusiast recently edited the original game. Adding some Flash graphics, design, inventory, cursors and your personal score box. You can find this new version on BBC’S homepage. If you still prefer original game, jump to www.douglasadams.com , and play it in it’s original shape.

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