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Just to inform you that I've started another website with intention to learn people programming with visual studio using c++ language. It is a project which will enable total newbies to learn something, and feel mighty... now even you can impress girls by saying: "Hey, I know programming!". Check the site, and I'm eager to hear your comments! C++ Maniac.

However I won't stop publishing articles here, this webpage is gonna get more and more stuf in recent few days. You'll see.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    How did you remove the blogger bar at the top of the C++ Maniac site, and why haven't you changed the blogger icon displayed in the browser with a favicon.ico? If you want a tutorial on the icon try it here:


    Other than that great blog ( you are dugg www.digg.com)

  2. Blogger /-\-|-()/\/\|> 


    is the link with your digg

    I am curious how you removed the blogger bar at the top of the C++ Maniac site.

  3. Blogger Vurdlak 

    you can google for this it uses javascript to hide it... don't rember the code but google for it

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