Spammers control cockroaches

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Cool..apparently scientists already started making robocop explorers and warriors... or maybe little voayeurs aside!!

"A Japanese experiment to control cockroaches with micro-robotics is being stuffed up by wireless spammers. The Robo-roach experiment is designed by Tokyo University to control the bugs so that they search through rubble or carry out spywork.The whole thing is controlled by mini-mobile phone which makes it easy for spammers to target. According to Assistant Professor Isao Shimoyama last week a cockroach was sent to test for an air leak."We asked the roach to turn right, it responded by asking for our email addresses and offered to send us Viagra in return." he said. Sounds like the cockroach is getting the hang of interacting with humans. "


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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    That does not look like a camera to me, and how in the world would you go about controlling a creature like a cockroach. Sure you can have its eyes, but can you control the direction it moves in?
    And even if a spammer did get access of the system, there is always a way to block out unwanted frequencies!

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