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Yeah i know you are aware what torrents are... heck you even downloaded 1 TB last week, but did you know that now you can browse and even download all those movies, sitcoms, episodes, shows for your video iPOD in aquired format.. for FREE!? Yes it can be done. Don't listen to those iPod salesmen that tell you, you can only buy iPod media on official iTunes homepage; instead just go here and have fun ! Yeah... Link...Yeah



Heh... found this article i wrote few years ago. Its called ''Big IQ - Advantage or Disadvantage?'', its somehow messed up but have to admit i was really brainstorming back then... anyhow the reason i posted this is because its hosted on Scinece.box.sk a site where im one of the moderators. Its a great site and can give you current information on science news, but from more acceptable and cool view. There are some pretty interesting new projects and researches in the world of science to be found there..also since i forgot to present my self here, you can check my profile on the same web page.. i'm Mickey8 there...drop me a PM ;)

Day 2..


I'm pretty much shure all of you by now heard for Google Earth; application that allows you to rotate whole panet Earth and zoom the details so close, that you could even see your own self starring through your kitchen window...well maybe not that much ;).. but its a must have (you can download it for FREE! Anyow im not re-inventing water here, but am providing you with this link where you can download KML locaion files (something like addons) for google earth. There is some pretty fascinating stuff there.. check it out! Google Earth Blog.



Just to remind you and myself that the purpose of this blog is to show you some other ways of using Internet in your benefit. Every day i'll publish some stuff I found very interesting and unconveniant for a regular user, but Cool to be part of... For example:

Did you know that there's a web page that can learn you how to make yourself an mp3 player from scratch? ..or why not hack your ipod and combine it with bluetooth to make it remote controll or palm pc with linux? ... pretty cool stuff here: RSScache.com every day a new hack! (damn, theres even a tutorial on how to make an Ice Cream from liquid hydrogen!)

Making Money from Nothing ?


Have to admitt i don't have answer to that ;P.. but there is a way to make profit from your online time with little work...by surfing... I considered spam all those ''revollutionary ideas'' of making big bucks just by reading mail, clicking etc.. but friend of mine who is into all that showed me a check for 100 $ he received so i started surfing forums and learning about the whole idea... mostly what i came up after week study is shit..but from all programs and web pages that do this buissnes i came up with few that work.. and that payed me... most info about all of this i got here: Get Paid Forum

So here's a scheme to get money for free:

First one isnt gonna make you huge money, but its permenant and free. Nice layout btw! Feel free to check it out.. i made 6 $ in a week...makes you kind of addicted though... Its called StormPay, and acctually its Internet Bank same as PayPal and E-Gold... so when you have money there its good as yours...They added extra section in their site called StormClix. Acctually its section in their web page that lures them new users, and here an there you get some links ranging 1 cent to 5 $ and when you clik them, money is added to your account.

The second one that is best known in this buisness is called 12 daily pro. Works in a way that you invest 6 $ buck or more and then after 12 days you pick up 144% back. But if you're smart and combine it a little with Storm Pay like i did, you'll wait and click with stormclix until you reach 6 $ and then invest it in 12 daily and you'll profit for free ;) (p.s. after few payouts i got secure in 12 daily and started investing my own money...read their forum if ya like)

I'll keep posting on this topic since i study this much and got much positive response...

Check This Out !


Before i post anything check this out! Probably you already saw this site, but its cool example how someone with original idea can make bucks out from nothing... This guy almost made it to million just by SELLING PIXELS... man...what will be next? Auctions for fresh air?? umm...that was my idea!

Damn !


Someone already took my wanted domain World Of Cool, so I'll will satisfy with this uber one: Lord Of Net ...Origin of the NEW name is inspired by Lord Of War, movie i recently saw...really cool movie... now do you see the link between two names ..heh... ;)))

Allright, let's go... was thinking of way to lure users reading my blog, but all that i got up with at the end is strategy of being sinceere and short and INTERESTING... give you material you like .. so every few days i'll give you tips how to become Internet Power User... not just the ordinary John Smith who checks livescore.com or googles for sex... i'll give you tips how to make money while being on net, some interesting sites to check and maybe if i have time,i'll learn you how to play chess... :) just kiddin'

don't want to break my rule of being short in my first blog so ...

prepare... ;)

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