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Just to let you all know Lord Of Net has been chosen as Cool Site Of The Day! I'm really proud my work got recognised again. Would appreciate very much if you voted for my site if you find it usefull, and help me get more visitors. Thank you all in forward, and now continue browsing my Cool articles :) Conclusion: If you like Lord of Net go vote for me in the voting frame at Cool Site of the Day!

Optical Illusions


This website is my new project about Optical llusions, Magic Tricks and Puzzles: When Your Perception Turns Against You! My goal is to make this site biggest Optical Illusion database on the internet and beyond ;) Hope you like it. Especially pay attention to Dragon Illusion and 3D Painted Rooms.

Hitchhiker's guide adventure game... Now with graphics!


There was a time when computer games didn't have graphics. Or at least they couldn't have graphics and sound at the same time. How can this be, you ask? Well believe it or not, adventure games were really popular back then, Hitchhiker's Guide being top selling game among them. It was all about text and keyboard commands, either way gamers still managed to find it breath-taking and played it for hours. You couldn’t even save your position, so when you restarted your computer; you had to go all over from the beginning. Well, some enthusiast recently edited the original game. Adding some Flash graphics, design, inventory, cursors and your personal score box. You can find this new version on BBC’S homepage. If you still prefer original game, jump to www.douglasadams.com , and play it in it’s original shape.

Winners of "I Look Like My Dog" contest


I Always loved Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. Not only because the Dalmatians are named by Dalmacija, beautiful seaside region in my country (Croatia - Dubrovnik…), but because in the beginning of this cartoon there were people walking their dogs, and the familiarity was too fun! Every dog owner looked exactly like his dog. Till now I never paid attention to it, but after I stumbled on Cesar’s homepage (don’t ask me what was I doing there), I couldn’t believe it: There actually exists “I look like my Dog” Contest. And here are the winner’s pictures. Uber-cool! For more pictures click Full Story

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Unbelivable World


Here's something for the stubborn ones! ;-) Click your way through the maze of thoughts...



Sorry for incovenience regarding Lord Of Net updates. Last few days I'm concentrating more on C++ Lessons on my other website, but this will last just a few more days. Apparently that site got great response, and I'm currently in process of optimizing it. Please have little patience.. in the mean time read on some of this stuff peopel acctually said in court. It's hillarious! Hehe

C++ Maniac


Just to inform you that I've started another website with intention to learn people programming with visual studio using c++ language. It is a project which will enable total newbies to learn something, and feel mighty... now even you can impress girls by saying: "Hey, I know programming!". Check the site, and I'm eager to hear your comments! C++ Maniac.

However I won't stop publishing articles here, this webpage is gonna get more and more stuf in recent few days. You'll see.

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